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Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink consists of fantastic bric-a-brac and scraps of theatre history piled up in a giant sink. On top of all this a mystery play has been assembled, about the everyday; about dreams, poetry, and the real. Dramaturgy and performance: Oxi Koskelainen and Emmi Venna Space and costume design as well as drawings: Daniel Palillo Lighting and video design: Kristian […]


inkivääri nopeus avatar coretekstuuri fiktiivinen syn/koop/pi coretanssi itselle tanssin syttyminen corepitkän  askeleen  pilvi  coreb r e a kbeat neliö kori kore~ wonky sivuverho core ~kummitus core tilaan ryntäys core CORE is a commissioned piece for TaDaC collective, formed by the second year MA students of Dance Performance in University of the Arts Helsinki. TaDaC is the artistic part of […]