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Scene:bluss – The Hellmouth edition

Scene:bluss – The Hellmouth Edition was a project based on the cult TV-series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In June 2018, the small Norwegian town Porsgrunn became Sunnydale. A group of 20 artists became the Scooby-gang, the demons, the helpers and the betrayers in producing a total art piece, a 10-hour live performance. We built weapons, […]

17 days of taking everything as a sign

17 days of taking everything as a sign was a 17-day lasting exhibition and a durational solo performance dwelling in the intersections of choreography and life. The performance consisted of actions that I love doing (writing, dancing, listening to music, playing piano, resting) and of intimate one-to-one situations that I created with the audience members. […]

Somatic Fictions

Somatic Fictions workshop shakes up, deconstructs and enriches the experience of the physical body by exploring the relationship of corporeality to the real, the unreal, the fictional and the imagined. The relationship between the lived body and fiction is examined through movement practices that alter the experience of the body. The practice gives space to […]

Post-MJ Era Institute of Conciousness: AFTERLIFE

AFTERLIFE is a simulation of Michael Jackson’s afterlife in the era of major pop deaths; a daring and hallucinatory get-together, creating a space for a joint voyage into the post-mortem consciousness of Jackson. AFTERLIFE is a cut in the multiverse. It offers a one-time chance to step into a parallel spacetime and to meet Jackson’s […]

A piece by Milja Aho, Anna-Mari Karvonen, Anna Mustonen and Emmi Venna

We start moving and walk until it feels like we must stop. We are scattered around the space. We place the weight on the right foot, then on the left. Right, left, right, left. Gradually this movement starts to affect us all. Some are already moving, others will only later notice that they are moving. […]

Post-MJ Era Institute of Consciousness: Wake

Post-MJ Era Institute Of Consciousness is a research body run by individuals who grew up within the pop culture of the 80’s and 90’s. The mission of the Institute is to articulate the influences of the spectacle through the mythical terrain created by Michael Jackson. Wake is an all-night performance focusing on the effects of […]